George Moses George Moses is a full-stack webdeveloper and DevOps specialized in Drupal and partner of Dynamic Presentations, an Internet Solutions Provider based in The Netherlands. George is currently working on great Drupal projects for Wunderkraut Nederland.

About this site

This site is built using MKdocs with a custom theme. Why MKdocs? Because it keeps me focused on creating content instead of keeping a CMS up-to-date and free of spam. Because of the infrequent updates on this site, it isn't worth keeping a sophisticated system running. MKdocs is a static site generator, which compiles a set of plain text pages in a Markdown syntax to a set of HTML files which can be uploaded to any hosting environment. Also, the resuling site is blazing fast and doesn't need any maintenance.

This site uses a custom theme built for Mkdocs, derived from the MkDocs Bootswatch spacelab theme, which in turn is based on Bootstrap. You can find the theme on GitHub:


No cookies are used in this site.


You can contact me by mail: but preferably by Twitter.

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